In the Veil of Shadows

In the Veil of ShadowsLooking into the darkness with my back to the light, I stand in the shadows. There is no clearly defined line between the darkness and the light. If you look you will see that between the two is a thin veil of gray.

Sometimes the darkness seems so inviting with its promise of silence. I know it is an illusion. There is no true silence. When all other voices stop there is still the one within me.

Is it my voice or the voice of my maker. Perhaps it is both. In the stillness sometimes I sit and listen as they speak to one another.

They speak of doubts and fears, of hopes and dreams. One is angry and frightened, while the other is calm and reassuring.

Sometimes I do not want to listen. I want silence. I want to just be.

I turn to look into the light. There the struggle continues.

In the light the illusion is that everything will be fine. The sun shines and the living live.

We are neither creatures of the light nor are we creatures of darkness. We are they who dwell within the veil of shadows, forever making choices that have us facing the darkness or the light, but never really crossing over one way or the other.

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